Monday, July 09, 2007

George Brumat of Snug Harbor Passes Away

George Brumat, the owner of New Orleans' famous jazz club, Snug Harbor, passed away during his sleep on Saturday night from an apparent heart attack. He was 63. He was a good friend and supporter of Basin Street Records, a supporter of musicians, and a supporter of Jazz. We will miss him. For more information, read the piece written by Keith Spera of the Times-Picayune HERE.

Road Home Program UPDATE

On Thursday, June 28th, 2007 I attended my closing (a simple 30 minute process) for the Road Home program and was promised that the funds would be wired to my account within 14 days. Today, 11 days later, I received the wire transfer. Very glad that my wait is over, and I hope that for all of the other 10s of thousands of people waiting that their money comes quickly. I've been at it since long before the "official" announcement of the program back in August, but my first 2 hour meeting with the Road Home was on September 21st.