Thursday, May 12, 2011

Billboard Jazz Charts - 3 Entries

What label is the only label on the BILLBOARD JAZZ CHART with 3 entries on the chart printing 5/21/11? It's the same label that was one of only 2 labels (the other being Blue Note) that had 2 entries on the chart printing 5/14/11. Namely, Basin Street Records!!!

#10 Rebirth Brass Band, Rebirth of New Orleans
#11 Irvin Mayfield, A Love Letter to New Orleans
#16 Kermit Ruffins, Happy Talk

Plus, the HBO Treme soundtrack is #6 and both Kermit and Rebirth appear on that record.

Own them?

UPDATE: For the 3rd week in a row, Basin Street Records has the most projects on the Billboard Jazz chart (printing 5/28/11). #9 Rebirth Brass Band's Rebirth of New Orleans; #14 Irvin Mayfield's Love Letter to New Orleans; and #18 Kermit Ruffins' Happy Talk; plus the Treme soundtrack (which includes Kermit & Rebirth tunes) moves to #5. Own them?

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

New Orleans Jazz Fest Week 2. Try to Keep Up!

Basin Street Records' Artists Jazz Fest Week 2
5/03 Kermit Ruffins 6:30p (Bullet’s Sports Bar)
5/03 Rebirth Brass Band 10p (Maple Leaf Bar)
5/04 Treme DVD 11a (Louisiana Music Factory)
5/04 Kermit Ruffins Noon (Louisiana Music Factory)
5/04 Irvin Mayfield 12:45p (Louisiana Music Factory)
5/04 Dr. Michael White 1:30p (Louisiana Music Factory)
5/04 Rebirth Brass Band 2:15p (Louisiana Music Factory)
5/04 Irvin Mayfield & NOJO Jam 8p (Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse)
5/04 Jon Cleary 10:30p (Hotel Monteleone)
5/04 Kermit Ruffins 8:30p (Rock ‘n’ Bowl)
5/05 Jeremy Davenport 5:30p (Davenport Lounge in Ritz-Carlton Hotel)
5/05 Jon Cleary 7p (d.b.a.)
5/05 Kermit Ruffins 8:30p (Vaughan’s Lounge)
5/06 Michael White interview 2:30p (JazzFest Grandstand)
5/06 Kermit Ruffins 2:35p (JazzFest Congo Square Stage)
5/06 Kermit Ruffins signing in CD tent following show
5/06 Dr. Michael White with the Crescent City Cats 5:40p (JazzFest Economy Hall)
5/06 Jeremy Davenport 9p (Davenport Lounge in Ritz-Carlton Hotel)
5/06 Henry Butler 10p (12Bar)
5/06 Rebirth Brass Band and 9th Annual Bayou Rendezvous 10p (Howlin’ Wolf)
5/06 Theresa Andersson and 9th Annual Bayous Rendezvous 10p (Howlin’ Wolf)
5/07 Dr. Michael White 4:20p (JazzFest Economy Hall)
5/07 Dr. Michael White signing in CD tent following show
5/07 Jeremy Davenport 9p (Davenport Lounge in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel)
5/07 Jon Cleary 10p (Maple Leaf )
5/07 Rebirth Brass Band 10p (Howlin’ Wolf)
5/07 Kermit Ruffins 10p (Rock ‘n’ Bowl)
5/08 Irvin Mayfield 1p Book signing (Book Tent at Jazzfest)
5/08 Henry Butler 2:00p (JazzFest Blues Tent)
5/08 Henry Butler CD signing in CD tent following Show
5/08 Rebirth Brass Band 3:15p (JazzFest Congo Square Stage)
5/08 Rebirth Brass Band CD signing in CD tent following show
5/08 Irvin Mayfield & New Orleans Jazz Orchestra 3:55p (JazzFest Jazz Tent)
5/08 Irvin Mayfield CD signing in CD tent following show