Monday, June 21, 2010

Tweets During HBO's Treme Season 1 Finale

  1. Thank you David Simon, Eric Overmyer, Blake Leyh & rest of krewe at #Treme & @HBO. Can't wait for season 2.
  2. What did we do when Katrina hit? Read blog archives at #treme
  3. Support #nola next generation. Donate after #treme to
  4. 5-0 #treme Thank you for getting back in the cars.
  5. Columns Hotel on St. Charles where Davis may get lucky. #treme
  6. Big Chief Donald Harrison. He also performs on sax on Irvin Mayfield's self titled debut #treme
  7. John Mooney singing. at Le Bon Temps bar on Magazine Street #treme
  8. John Mooney singing. at Le Bon Temps bar on magazine #treme
  9. Renard Poche on guitar. Art Neville sings #treme
  10. John Boutte sings a few tunes on our label incl. Los Hombres Calientes' Carnival #treme
  11. John Boutte (Treme Song) walking w/ Davis #treme
  12. Davis back at wwoz radio. Listen anywhere anytime at #treme
  13. starts 7/6. Please donate today. #treme
  14. Lloyd Price singing Stagger Lee #treme
  15. @FunkyBigSam on trombone also attended #treme
  16. Great coffee at Rue de la Course #treme
  17. Reading OffBEAT magazine on #Treme. Pick up a subscription at
  18. Wendell Pierce narrated Irvin Mayfield CD Strange Fruit on our label. #treme
  19. @TromboneShorty on @HBO #Treme attended
  20. #treme now
  21. Did the #Saints give Peyton a ring?
  22. After @TrueBloodHBO the season finale of @HBO's #Treme. Buy music from Treme playlists on


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