Friday, August 05, 2011

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Billboard Jazz Charts - 3 Entries

What label is the only label on the BILLBOARD JAZZ CHART with 3 entries on the chart printing 5/21/11? It's the same label that was one of only 2 labels (the other being Blue Note) that had 2 entries on the chart printing 5/14/11. Namely, Basin Street Records!!!

#10 Rebirth Brass Band, Rebirth of New Orleans
#11 Irvin Mayfield, A Love Letter to New Orleans
#16 Kermit Ruffins, Happy Talk

Plus, the HBO Treme soundtrack is #6 and both Kermit and Rebirth appear on that record.

Own them?

UPDATE: For the 3rd week in a row, Basin Street Records has the most projects on the Billboard Jazz chart (printing 5/28/11). #9 Rebirth Brass Band's Rebirth of New Orleans; #14 Irvin Mayfield's Love Letter to New Orleans; and #18 Kermit Ruffins' Happy Talk; plus the Treme soundtrack (which includes Kermit & Rebirth tunes) moves to #5. Own them?

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

New Orleans Jazz Fest Week 2. Try to Keep Up!

Basin Street Records' Artists Jazz Fest Week 2
5/03 Kermit Ruffins 6:30p (Bullet’s Sports Bar)
5/03 Rebirth Brass Band 10p (Maple Leaf Bar)
5/04 Treme DVD 11a (Louisiana Music Factory)
5/04 Kermit Ruffins Noon (Louisiana Music Factory)
5/04 Irvin Mayfield 12:45p (Louisiana Music Factory)
5/04 Dr. Michael White 1:30p (Louisiana Music Factory)
5/04 Rebirth Brass Band 2:15p (Louisiana Music Factory)
5/04 Irvin Mayfield & NOJO Jam 8p (Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse)
5/04 Jon Cleary 10:30p (Hotel Monteleone)
5/04 Kermit Ruffins 8:30p (Rock ‘n’ Bowl)
5/05 Jeremy Davenport 5:30p (Davenport Lounge in Ritz-Carlton Hotel)
5/05 Jon Cleary 7p (d.b.a.)
5/05 Kermit Ruffins 8:30p (Vaughan’s Lounge)
5/06 Michael White interview 2:30p (JazzFest Grandstand)
5/06 Kermit Ruffins 2:35p (JazzFest Congo Square Stage)
5/06 Kermit Ruffins signing in CD tent following show
5/06 Dr. Michael White with the Crescent City Cats 5:40p (JazzFest Economy Hall)
5/06 Jeremy Davenport 9p (Davenport Lounge in Ritz-Carlton Hotel)
5/06 Henry Butler 10p (12Bar)
5/06 Rebirth Brass Band and 9th Annual Bayou Rendezvous 10p (Howlin’ Wolf)
5/06 Theresa Andersson and 9th Annual Bayous Rendezvous 10p (Howlin’ Wolf)
5/07 Dr. Michael White 4:20p (JazzFest Economy Hall)
5/07 Dr. Michael White signing in CD tent following show
5/07 Jeremy Davenport 9p (Davenport Lounge in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel)
5/07 Jon Cleary 10p (Maple Leaf )
5/07 Rebirth Brass Band 10p (Howlin’ Wolf)
5/07 Kermit Ruffins 10p (Rock ‘n’ Bowl)
5/08 Irvin Mayfield 1p Book signing (Book Tent at Jazzfest)
5/08 Henry Butler 2:00p (JazzFest Blues Tent)
5/08 Henry Butler CD signing in CD tent following Show
5/08 Rebirth Brass Band 3:15p (JazzFest Congo Square Stage)
5/08 Rebirth Brass Band CD signing in CD tent following show
5/08 Irvin Mayfield & New Orleans Jazz Orchestra 3:55p (JazzFest Jazz Tent)
5/08 Irvin Mayfield CD signing in CD tent following show


Monday, April 11, 2011

Rebirth Brass Band, Kermit Ruffins, & BSR in the News

Check out the nice features on Rebirth Brass Band, Kermit Ruffins, Treme, and Basin Street Records in the news.

Click HERE for Billboard Magazine feature on the impact of HBO's Treme on New Orleans music. It includes Kermit Ruffins, Rebirth Brass Band, Dr. Michael White, and Mark Samuels of Basin Street Records.

Click HERE for the New York Times review of Rebirth Brass Band's Brooklyn Bowl show last Thursday.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Mark Samuels, President of Basin Street Records, on Real New Orleans TV Show.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Listen to the full Rebirth Brass Band, Rebirth of New Orleans CD

Worldwide Release: 4/12/11

Rebirth of New Orleans by BasinStreetRecords

Sunday, February 13, 2011

8 FREE Mardi Gras Tunes & Artists' Schedule

Enter your email in the small window at bottom of
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Do you own these must have CDs for Mardi Gras?
Los Hombres Calientes' Vol.5: Carnival
Kermit Ruffins w/ the Rebirth Brass Band's Throwback
Jon Cleary's Jon Cleary and the Absolute Monster Gentlemen
Also, coming soon: Rebirth Brass Band's Rebirth of New Orleans

Tuesday 3/1
Kermit Ruffins at Bullets 6:30p
Rebirth Brass Band at Maple Leaf 10:30p

Wednesday 3/2
Irvin Mayfield at Irvin Mayfield's Jazz Playhouse 8p

Thursday 3/3
Kermit Ruffins at Vaughans 9p
Rebirth Brass Band at Howlin Wolf 11p

Friday 3/4
Jeremy Davenport at Ritz-Carlton 9p
Rebirth Brass Band at Cafe Prytania 10p
Kermit Ruffins at Howlin' Wolf 11p

Saturday 3/5
Rebirth Brass Band at Howlin Wolf 11p
Kermit Ruffins at Blue Nile 11p

Sunday 3/6
Dr. Michael White at St. Charles Ave. Baptist Church 9a

Lundi Gras 3/7
Rebirth Brass Band at Zulu Lundi Gras Festival at Woldenberg Park (by Aquarium) 10:30a
Kermit Ruffins at 25th Anniversary Lundi Gras Celebration at Spanish Plaza at Riverwalk Marketplace 4:25-5:55p
Rebirth Brass Band at Republic (opening for Juvenile) 9:30p

Mardi Gras 3/8
Rebirth Brass Band at Maple Leaf 11p

Our Grammy 2011 Tweets part 2

Basin Street Records
Fantastic. Another vote I made that won! Congrats to Arcade Fire and @ (their agent)
Basin Street Records
Album of the Year will be Lady Gaga . I voted for Arcade Fire.
Basin Street Records
Arcade Fire shares booking agent w/ Theresa Andersson, David Viecelli aka @. Congrats on perf.
Basin Street Records
@ And thank you for the Shorty endorsement.
Basin Street Records
@ No hatred of NY. Just haven't ever been able to stand that song. I lived in NYC for 3 years out of college
Basin Street Records
At least it wasn't NY State of Mind. 4 of 9. I voted for Eminem & Rihanna.
Basin Street Records
Record of the Year will be the horrible NY State
Basin Street Records
You know what would be crazy...if those two (Marc Anthony & J.Lo) got married.
Basin Street Records
@ Wishful thinking. I really wanted to see The Roots win that. 4 of 8.
Basin Street Records
Best Rap Album will be Roots
Char Thian
by BasinStRecords
And now, Streisand... RT @: With Mick Jagger's performance, the program will now be referred to as The GRANNYS.
Basin Street Records
Eminem better not pop out from under Barbara Streisand's dress.
Basin Street Records
With Mick Jagger's performance, the program will now be referred to as The Grannys.
Basin Street Records
That looks like the guy from the Rolling Stones.
Basin Street Records
@ Great minds...
Basin Street Records
Basin Street Records
@ So far on telecast Esperanza is the only person I actually voted for. My predictions are who I think NARAS votes for.
Basin Street Records
4 of 7 Wow. I voted for her. Glad I predicted that one wrong. Esperanza Spalding. Congrats to NARAS voters for getting 1 right.
Basin Street Records
Best New Artist will be Justin Bieber.
Basin Street Records
When the sound dropped out on Dr.Dre he was saying "I love gummi bears and the color of clover"
Basin Street Records
Eminem is my favorite artist that I don't like.
Basin Street Records
4 of 6. Please keep in mind my predictions are not my choices, but who I thought those with less A&R experience would pick.
Basin Street Records
Song of the Year will be Lady Antebellum.
Basin Street Records
I wouldn't have recognized Norah Jones. She looks so much like Johnny Depp.
Basin Street Records
RT @ Kermit Ruffins killed it at the Louisiana @ event, had L.A. dancing like NOLA.
Basin Street Records
@ Great to hear! Hopefully @ will get a @ next yr for Happy Talk album
Basin Street Records
The only place people should be following @ is to the library.
Basin Street Records
If you need to dress like a chicken to sing...'s actually a nice song.
Basin Street Records
3 for 5
Basin Street Records
Lady Antebellum will win.
Basin Street Records
I liked Lady Antebellum until I found out they were Country.
Basin Street Records
We want everyone to enjoy w/ our artists' music. FREE.
Basin Street Records
Bob Dylan should have started by saying "I don't need no f'n introduction".